Welcome to Twinpet of Porth & Tonyrefail

Twinpet is a family run business. We opened our first shop in Tonyrefail in 1980, one year later the second shop, much larger, was opened in Porth. We aim to provide quality service with a large range of goods for dogs, cats, birds, small animals, aquatics and reptiles. All at competitive prices.

We take pride in the high standard of our customer care and also deliver free of charge in the local area, Please contact us if you need more information.

For dogs

Harness for walking and in the car, Collars and leads, Beds and cushions, Grooming products, Health and hygiene, Training pads, Dental aids, Complete dry foods, Frozen raw meats, Ready meals and mixers, Toys and treats, Flea control products.

For cats

Beds and cushions, Grooming products, Scratching posts, Complete dry foods, Frozen meats, Ready meals, Heath and hygiene, Flea control products, Toys and treats, Cat litters, Litter trays hooded and open, Cat doors.


Tropical fish, Cold water fish, Pond fish, Live plants, Aquariums for beginners, Aquariums for specialists, External filters, Internal filters, Food dry and frozen, Treatments, Lighting, Heating, Substrate and decor.

For wild birds

Feeders, Seed, Treats.

Small animals

Cages, Bedding, Food, Health care, Treat and toys.


Snakes and lizards, Vivariums, Substrate, Heating, Lighting, Decor, Plants, Dry food, Frozen food, Live food.